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Thank you for your interest in Mo'o Mana Kai Outrigger Canoe Paddles! 

Custom blades are available, but must be paid for up front when the order is placed.


Please observe the following, and your new blade will give you years of happy paddling:

1)  Please make sure that you have exactly what you want before you buy.  We do not take returns or make exchanges or alterations.

2)  Keep your paddle coated in polyurethane - fix any dings or scuffs promptly.  This product is made with wood and glue, and it will de-laminate if not treated properly.

3)  Ultra-light paddles are delicate!  Handle them with care. 



The best preventive care that you can give to any wooden paddle to prevent de-lamination is to rinse it with fresh water after use; dry and inspect your paddle for dings; and immediately coat any exposed spots with polyurethane to insure that water does not have prolonged contact with bare wood.


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